Frequently asked questions


How many tickets can I book?

As many as you like - remember nearly all the the booking fees are going directly to the person delivering the event, so if you book for multiple people reflect that in your contribution.

Do I have to book tickets for children?

Yes, some events are aimed specifically at children but in any case please consider the number of people regardless of age that you are booking for when you make a contribution. Also check the event description, not all of them may be suitable for children!

How do I book?

All bookings are done through Eventbrite. Access the tour you are interested in via the 'Tours' section here, our facebook page or directly on Eventbrite and book your place(s)

What if I have to cancel?

If you book a ticket and are subsequently unable to attend please cancel the booking on Eventbrite to release the space on the tour for someone else.

Refunds are considered on a case by case basis.

What happens after I book?

You will receive a confirmation via Eventbrite of your booking. Shortly before the event you will receive a zoom invitation to the event which is onlt for the people who booked - please do not share the invitation around! Viewers present at the zoom session who did not book places will be ejected.

How much do tickets cost?

We are using a donation ticketing system - subject to a minimum of 1 euro, you pay what you feel is reasonable for the number of people who will be viewing the event. Eventbrite add a small fee to each ticket for themselves.

I only paid 5 euro, but the event was brilliant and I want to pay more! Can I?

Yes - we will have a tip bucket avaialble at each event and if you are so blown away that you want to tip the presenter you can!


How many people are on each event?

It varies! Some events are only suitable for a limited number of people, particularly those that involve viewer participation. If there is a restriction on places it will be listed in the event discription.

What do I need to participate?

All events will be broadcast live via Zoom, so you need an internet connection that can sustain a smooth zoom call and something to view it on!

My Event

How do I access the event?

When you book you will receive a confirmation via Eventbrite. On the day of the event you will receive a link to the zoom 'meeting', about 5 hours beforehand.

My zoom log in isn't working!

First, check you are using the right one! The meeting ID's and passwords are different for each event. Secondly, we have had cases where the 'click to join' link gives an 'invalid meeting ID' message. Don't panic, key in the meeting ID and password manually using the 'join a meeting' option and all should be fine.

I have a last minute problem, how can I contact someone?

Both before and during the events our team are monitoring our email account and facebook pages. Either of these options will enable you to contact out team straight away. Fastest response would be messaging us via Facebook.