Melanie Uhlig & Oxana Crossen

Cúl Stories is an initivate of the team behind GuideFest.

With GuideFest postponed until such time as we can all meet face to face, we have developed a new concept with Cúl Stories.


Oxana Crossen and Melanie Uhlig are both professional tour guides.

Over years of working in tourism they have made contacts with fascinating people all over Ireland with an enormous range of talents and knowledge from storytelling, acting, history, music and many more.

These people are spread all over the cities, towns, villages and countryside of Ireland.

The Cúl Stories concept is to give these talents an outlet to reach an audience (you!) that is eager for relief from lockdown monotony.


Cúl Stories will allow them and you to stretch your minds and brains (and maybe even your arms and legs!) in the only way that we can at the moment, online.

Cúl Stories will all take place via zoom.

We are not charging a fixed ticket price, but rather that you make a contribution per head of whatever you think is fair for each event you choose to book.

So have a look at what we have planned, follow our facebook page for updates (we will be releasing new events on a regular basis!) and join in!