Cúl Stories started in the depths of the great '2020 Lockdown'!


Starting with 'GuideFest', a free event to be delivered by guides all over Ireland, we moved quickly to broaden our reach to events as well as tours.

Oxana Crossen is a professional tour guide and is an expert in delivering unique Irish experiences to clients.

Cian Crossen comes from a business background in tourism and education and has experience arranging events and projects involving both just a handful of people up to several hundred at one time.

Over years of working in tourism the Cúl Stories team have made contacts with fascinating people all over Ireland, representing an enormous range of talents and knowledge from storytelling, acting, history, music and much more.

These people are spread all over the cities, towns, villages and countryside of Ireland.


This knowledge has been put together with our experience of planning, arranging and hosting events big and small to offer you Cúl Stories - Creators and organisers of niche events and projects focused on Ireland's heritage.

No matter whether you have a niche personal project in mind or a large corporate event, Cúl Stories has the contacts and experience necessary to help you create your event, plan for a faultless experience, provide the right personnel and arrange all the logistical support needed. 

We also run regular events throughout the year focussing on Irish heritage.

So have a look at what we have planned, follow our facebook page for updates - we will be releasing new events on a regular basis!


Join in!